Hot Plates stainless Steel Plate Manufacturer In India

With the great success of top leading manufacturers and suppliers of the Hot plates at the global level. Hot plates are a heavy duty heating plate with an easily removable mild steel/stainless Steel plate at the top. The constructions were made of mild steel sheet and finished in powder coat paint and the heat control switch for low, medium and high heat and two nos., indicating lamps are provided on the front panel. The body of hot plate is made of thick M.S/S.S. top plates over the attaches by supporting of ceramic beads which ensures air insulation between plate and base unit and the outer made of mild steel is with the power coatings also the gap between the walls fitted with glass wool insulation to avoid heat loss. Heating elements are made of high grade chrome plated micron wire temp. Air ventilations are placed on top of both sides to remove hot gases / fumes. All the control switches & pilot lamps are fitted to the front panel and the trays should be supplied with high quality of wire mesh.

Manufacturer Of Hot Plates

For the long durable life of the hot plates, we used to make it with the nichrome elements. This is one of the major reasons that most of the consumers are selecting our product from the hundreds of company products from the product.

Features of Hot Plates