Extrusion Lamination Plant Supplier

Our firm is dealing in manufacturing,supplying and distribution of top quality of extrusion lamination plant in India. Extrusion this lamination plant is one of the modern technique used for laminating different types of materials, and is widely used as the manufacturing process for packaging films for products such as foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products etc. Lamination line adds the strongest protection for products when they are packed. This lamination machine has frequently been useful for packaging the products like woven sacks, giant size bags, aluminum foil, cotton and jute fabric bags, etc. due to our lamination plant you can make more number of profit because this machine are made of reliable.We have paper extrusion laminating machine for coating paper, and we have Non-woven Fabric extrusion laminating machine for Non-woven Fabric coating with Bopp film, also we have co-extrusion laminating machine for soft packaging.